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Price increase on suri alpaca fiber processing, effective September 1, 2015

We have been processing an increasing amount of suri fiber over the years, and it has become a large part of our business. Unfortunately, suri requires a lot of extra time-consuming hand work, and we can no longer absorb that cost.

For suri fiber received after September 1st, 2015, there will be an increase of $3 per pound on all suri fiber we process, including the suri in blends.

All suri yarns will be $35 per pound. The normal 15% discount for 25+ pound lots still applies, however the rate for 100+ pound lots will increase to $24.25 per pound.

Suri roving & batts will be $23 per pound.

Suri felts will be $28 per pound.

Suri rug yarn will be $21 per pound.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


It has begun!

Well, it is finally March!

On March 3rd, we were -20, before the windchill. This week, it has been in the +40s, and we have had a ton of melting. We even had to turn on the air conditioner in the mill, to get the humidity down. What a difference a week makes!

With the advent of the spring thaw comes lambs. Miss Mollie had twins this week, a boy & a girl. Check out the newborns!

mollie lambs

Traditionally, early March is a slow time for fiber coming into the mill. If you need something done in time for Llama Magic or Shepherds Harvest, we may be able to do it! Just give us a call at 651-485-7916.

Happy Spring!!

Alpaca Fiber Processing on ABC 6 News

Alpaca Fiber Processing on ABC 6 NewsLaurie-and-Alpaca

In October 2013, ABC 6 News from Rochester, MN were at Northern Sky Alpaca in Dodge Center to talk to Laurie Weed.  She showed how peaceful alpacas are and that they are welcoming to come home to after a stressful day.




Then the news team traveled up Route 61 to talk to Rachel.  She explained the process of making luscious, durable yarn from raw alpaca fiber.  The camera man was memorized by every machine in the process, you will see in the video. 😉

This story was one of the many episodes of Made in the Midwest.

Check out the full story and video here: Made in the Midwest: Northern Sky Alpaca