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Rather than have fees for every stage of processing, we believe in making things simple & straightforward. No calculator needed! No setup fees or minimum batch size!

Carding: $20/lb ($23/lb for suri). $17/lb for non-drafted roving ($20/lb for suri)
Spinning (includes carding): $30/lb, $35/lb for Suri, Cabled or Thick & Thin Yarns. $32/lb for Lurex-Plied Yarns  (See below for large lot pricing)
Spin from roving: $15/lb.
Felt Sheets: $25/lb. ($28/lb for suri)
Cored Rug Yarn:
 $18/lb based on finished weight ($21/lb for suri).
Weaving Services:  See our weaving page.

Please note the additional price for suri includes suri fiber in blends.

We require no minimum order or batch size, but must charge for 1 pound minimum.

Alpaca fiber: prices are based on incoming weight, so please skirt your fiber.  Wool and mohair are based on WASHED weight.  Any ‘crunchy’ fleeces will be charged a skirting fee.

Please do not send fiber under 3″ for spinning (unless making cored rug yarn) or any fiber over 7″ long.  Do not send cria suri unless you are certain it is strong. Call for testing instructions.

15% discount for over 25 pounds, processed together as a batch.
100 pounds or more, processed together as one batch, $21.25/lb, $24.25/lb for suri.
10% discount for singles.
$2.50/pound discount for pre-washed fleece (see below for restrictions).

Additional Charges:
$10 per fleece for skirting.
$5/lb. for center-pull balls. Price is based on finished yarn weight.
Blending fibers you provide will be included in the processing weight when billing.
Blending fibers we provide will be billed at our cost & included in the processing weight.

Payment & Billing:
Please send a deposit of 50% with your order. Once processing is complete we will bill you the other 50%. Payment is due before fleece/yarn is returned. Since storage space is limited, we appreciate prompt payment. You will forfeit any fleece or yarn not paid for within 60 days of processing.

We do not charge extra for skeining your yarn.  We will return your yarn in 300 yard skeins. If you would prefer a different size skein, please indicate it on the order form. We can also hand-wind the skeins into center-pull balls for an additional $5/lb.

All incoming fiber is washed, unless special arrangements are made beforehand. Please be aware that any fleece washed with conditioner or fabric softener must be re-washed. It gums up the machines and creates a mess.  Please contact us for specific instructions on how to wash your fleece. We offer a discount of $2.50/pound for pre-washed fleece, provided it meets our requirements. Otherwise, we will re-wash and process at the regular rates. See the FAQ section for more information on washing.